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Blairs import and distribute a number of brands for more information and to learn about our selection please contact your nearest branch, sales representative or contact us on 0800 80 90 96.

Kumho Tyre was first established in 1960 and is ranked in the top 10 tyre companies in the world. Kumho has a presence worldwide and Blairs became their New Zealand distributor for the South Island in 1987. Since 2006 Blairs have been the nationwide distributor for Kumho. For more information about Kumho Tyre click here.

ZC Rubber (Hangzhou Rubber) started operating in 1958 and produced their first tube in 1970. Their truck and bus radial tyre manufacturing factory was built in Hangzhou in 1995 followed by their passenger tyre factory in 2008. By 2012 they were the largest tyre manufacturer in mainland China. Hangzhou are also ranked in the top 10 manufacturers worldwide. Blairs became their nationwide distributor in New Zealand in 1998 and continue to work closely with them. For more information about Goodride Tyres click here.

Petlas Tyres were established in 1976 and spent the next two decades supplying tyres to the military market. They are a Turkish company with operations in 98 countries worldwide and supply a wide range of tyres. Blairs began distributing Petlas tyres in 2012 and continue to today. For more information please click here.